Kamis, 11 September 2008

~ WALL- E ~ by: Kharis Riza

Wall-e is the last Robot on earth. His job is to protect the earth from Global Warming. One day he saw a plane fall from the sky. He and his friend cockroache, get to see the plane.
And then another Robot came out from the plane. It's a girl, her name is Eva. Eva's job is to find a living things. Like plants,animals.

Wall-e wanted to make friend with Eva. But, Eva is very sensitive. She shot Wall-e with her gun.But it miss. Wall-e was scared and ran away.

Wall-e still looks at Eva. He went to his home with Eva. In his home, he had a lot of things. One day, he found a plant. He took it and give the plant to Eva.
When Eva saw it, she take the plant into her stomach, and she suddenly freeze.

The next day, a plane fall from the sky. And took Eva. Wall-e wanted to come too. When the plane arrived on the city on the other space.
Eva want to give the plant to the captain. But the plant was gone. Another Robot took the plant when Eva was freeze.

Wall-e did take the plant back and the captain see it. The captain was surprised. And they came home to earth.


Anak lelaki-ku membuat tulisan tentang referensi film Wall-e yang kami tonton bersama, aku hanya copy-paste aja ke blog-ku.Dan photo2 aku cop-pas somewhere aku juga lupa, minta izin disini aja deh sama yg punya :)
Someday he's gonna smile to see this...Mummy always pround of you, dear !

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